Alan Morrison is business manager of the general conference and director of support services, General Council on Finance and Administration, The United Methodist Church, Nashville, Tenn. The 2010 RCMA World Conference and Exposition, January 26-29, in Fort Worth, Texas, will be the fourth time Morrison has attended RCMA. We asked him to explain how he benefits from being at RCMA.

Religious Conference Manager: Describe the fellowship that you have experienced with conference attendees and vendors.
Alan Morrison: Vendors want to know what it takes to get my business. Price, dates, and space in the right location are the bottom line, but relationship goes a long way. We are a part of the hospitality industry, after all. Fellowship time is essential to building relationship with the vendors. Fellowship with the other attendees reminds us of others who are on the same pathways, facing the same challenges.

RCM: How do you utilize the Expo?
AM: We use the Expo to market RFPs for specific citywide events, to gain awareness of new localities not yet used but in the geographic target areas, and to network with established relationships.

RCM: What do you gain from attending the tutorials?
AM: I’ve always approached continuing education opportunities with the expectation of learning at least one new thing I didn’t know before. Every year at RCMA the tutorials I’ve attended have always greatly exceeded the expectation.

RCM: Do you have any other comments on why religious meeting planners should attend RCMA 2010?
AM: Fort Worth is a great location with an exciting downtown that’s within easy walking distance of the convention center and the hotels.