Dean Jones in his column talks about people in the business of hospitality for whom “business” gets in the way of “hospitality.” Kindness is common sense, Dean argues, but too often it becomes a commodity, something that costs “extra” to deliver. How true! In keeping with the spirit of Dean’s column, here are a couple timely shout-outs:

  • A big thank-you to readers who took the time to vote in Religious Conference Manager’s first Praise Award, a new program that recognizes outstanding hotels and convention and visitors bureaus serving the religious conference market. Congratulations to the winners!
  • Thank you to RCMA members, who provided the survey data that our cover story is based upon. By sharing information on your meetings, you are helping to build a better profile of faith-based meetings, their demographics, trends, and economic impact.
  • How can I describe the hospitality of our Bahamian hosts during a recent site inspection visit by RCMA leadership? Go to a thesaurus and look up every synonym for “genuine.” This is one place where hospitality is alive and well.
  • While I am in the praise mode, I’d also like to thank some hard-working, behind-the-scenes colleagues here at Religious Conference Manager: Jennifer Hirst, our talented art director, and Barbara Brewer, our managing editor and copy editor par excellence. Working with these dedicated professionals makes a world of difference, and I am grateful for all the extra effort and care they put into their work.
  • Last but not least, hats off to RCMA staff and leadership for moving forward in a few short months to bring positive change and new direction to the association. It’s great to be part of RCMA’s new journey.