The Thursday morning general session at the Religious Conference Management Association’s World Conference & Exposition, January 25-28 in Tampa, Fla., will have you laughing and cheering as World Comedy League’s ComedySportz National Touring Company kicks off the day’s events with an interactive, high-energy competition between teams. Who will emerge as the champion in event planning? Only those who attend the session can cast a vote!

ComedySportz has been an associate member of RCMA for more than five years. The company provides professional improvisational comedy, with each show filled with music, a variety of characters, and rapid-fire one-liners. However, the interactive show is not about sports, says sales director, Steph DeWaegeneer.

“It’s comedy played out as sport, complete with a referee, uniforms, and exciting competition,” he explains. “Because every scene is created on the spot, within the format of ComedySportz’s structure, no two shows are alike. The audience yells suggestions for scenes, decides which players earn points, and some fans even get to join pros on the ‘field’.”

The ComedySportz Touring Company has been performing for more than 20 years.

“Religious planners represent an extremely valued part of our clientele,” DeWaegeneer says. “Churches and faith-based organizations are our best repeat business, because the audiences appreciate clean, upbeat humor presented by polished professionals. ComedySportz is one of the few entertainers that can meet this need, whether the audience is a youth group or women’s retreat.”

DeWaegeneer says its “all-star” cast of improv comedians will represent ComedySportz locations across America. Patrick Short (Portland) and Steph DeWaegeneer (Houston) will be joined on the field by Jeff Adamson (Rock Island, Ill.), Jon Colby (Indianapolis), Jenny Criglar (Portland), Tara DeFrancisco (Chicago), Jeff Kramer (San Jose), and Sean Will (Houston).

Following the breakfast show, Short and DeWaegeneer will facilitate a breakout tutorial titled “Customer Service Counts.” Their 2010 tutorial “Leading Your Group to Extraordinary” received high marks and excellent feedback from participants.

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