The final sections of the U.S. Department of Transportation's “Enhancing Airline Passenger Protections II” consumer rules are now in effect, with strict new requirements on advertising and sales of air travel.

Among the changes welcomed by travelers:

  • All advertised airfares must state the entire price, including all taxes, fees, and other charges.

  • Web sites selling air tickets must provide specific information regarding the free baggage allowance, carry-on fees, and the first and second checked baggage fees.

  • Many restrictions on airline tickets, including nonrefundability and change and cancellation fees, must now be disclosed prominently.

  • When a flight is operated by a code-share partner, the name of the carrier must be clearly stated.

  • The payment for involuntarily bumping passengers from a flight has been increased, and every two years airlines must adjust this amount in line with inflation. Airlines also must tell passengers that the payment can be in cash — they do not have to accept a travel voucher.