Life is one big expectation!

My medical advisers expect my best effort to achieve a healthy lifestyle. My family and associates expect support, love, and other provisions. My work assignments carry heavy expectations. There are cultural and social expectations for everyone. Even helpful technology creates new levels of instant expectation. For example, a few days ago, I received an e-mail request from our Johannesburg, Africa, regional office. Because my response was not immediate, they called at 8:15 a.m. two days later via speaker phone expecting an opinion, for all in their office to hear.

Meeting professionals must cope with a myriad of expectations. The challenge is always there to deliver bigger, better, and more exciting meetings in places and facilities that will please our constituents.

The challenge may include programming superlatives. In the face of changing markets, we are constantly challenged to negotiate skillfully, reasonably, and honestly with providers to consistently fulfill our meeting needs and expectations.

Expectations abound. We constantly must learn to plan, prepare, and provide for maximum participation. Yes, it's expected.

That is why RCMA is so important. RCMA is committed to assisting every religious meeting planner in accomplishing all those meeting expectations. Every RCMA Conference & Exposition is focused on helping religious planners with those big expectations.

Our executive director, Dr. DeWayne Woodring, and his staff are always preparing and providing big benefits for RCMA members. Soon record numbers of us will gather in Tampa, Fla., to learn, relate, and enjoy a program that will exceed our expectations.