Have you noticed how often hospitality staff rotates, changes assignments, and sometimes relocates? A friend recently commented to me, “Jack, we should change assignments every eight years.” The comment came in a discussion regarding the challenge of planning new and exciting meetings year after year.

We all struggle with these negative influences: status quo, staleness, stress, weariness. Try these more positive approaches:

  • Become a change agent by inventing the future instead of retooling the past. In every assignment, task, or meeting there is opportunity — opportunity to create purposefully. Look at what's needed now, and tackle the need with anticipation, flexibility, and focus.

  • Renew passion by living with vision and purpose. Recently our International Headquarters directors were exposed to a seminar on passion-driven leadership. Sometimes when we continue in an assignment over an extended period of time, we risk having our souls go to sleep on the job. We grit our teeth and keep going, but there is no fire. Fall in love with the mission and purpose of your job and keep the romance alive.

  • Give up, toughen up, wise up, cheer up: Give up to change. Deja vu doesn't get it done today. Some folks waste more emotional energy resisting inevitable change than they would spend embracing the new and exciting challenges of change. Toughen up to present and future circumstances in our ever-changing world. These can be brain- and muscle-building exercises. Wise up to the absolute realization that your organization is changing — it must, if it is to survive and prosper. Someone said it well: “Ride the horse in the direction that it's going.” And we've all have heard the old line, “cheer up, things could get worse.”

For years Reader's Digest has been saying “laughter is the best medicine.” Crying may be cleansing, but humor is healing. Enjoy yourself!