The art and science of planning meetings is not something that comes to one by accident. Meeting planners must intentionally develop the practical skills that will enhance their professional abilities. The prepared meeting planner, therefore, aims to be informed. The annual RCMA conference is planned and programmed to provide materials and resources to keep the religious meeting planner abreast all of the important trends and issues in the hospitality industry.

The prepared meeting planner is also insightful. One may know all the basics of meetings management, but applying that knowledge in the real world requires insight and the ability to creatively adapt. The RCMA conference is an opportunity to learn how to put the basics to work.

The prepared meeting planner is industrious. Good planners are consumed with the challenge of making the best event possible. They are flexible in dealing with others and faithful in the performance of their duties. The annual RCMA conference brings together some of the finest meeting planners in the industry. Sharing ideas, discussing issues facing colleagues, and building professional and personal relationships continues to be the fundamental value of this meeting, 40 years after the first RCMA conference debuted.

Last but not least, the prepared meeting planner is innovative. When innovative ideas and practices are woven into the fabric of a meeting, it produces excitement, enthusiasm, and engagement on the part of the attendees. Creative, consistent, and comprehensive programming at the RCMA conference sets the example for attendees to emulate.

For information, insight, and innovation, there is nothing comparable to the RCMA World Conference & Expo. Don't miss the opportunity to be part of this gathering January 24-27 in Kansas City, where we will be celebrating 40 years of helping to prepare members to excel in the world of religious meetings.