For the 2003 RCMA Annual Conference and Exposition, to be held January 28-31, suppliers who wish to exhibit should read the following procedural information carefully:

  1. Mailing Dates for Conference Materials:

    August 1: Associate Members listed in File A (see below)
    September 1: Associate Members listed in Files B, C, and D (see below)

  2. Selection Process:

    Exhibit contracts and fees received by RCMA for the 2003 Conference will be separated into four files. Booth space will be assigned by files as outlined below until Expo 2003 is full.

    FILE A: Associate members of RCMA who provide sponsorships related to the 2003 Conference, or who bring a new religious meeting planner into full membership prior to July 15, 2002. Registrants in this category have guaranteed space if the properly executed, signed contract, with booth and registration fees, is received by August 31, 2002.

    FILE B: Associate members of RCMA who contracted for and held booth space at the 2002 RCMA Conference in Tampa. If there is exhibit space remaining after File A assignments, the applications in File B will be processed next in postmark-date sequence.

    FILE C: Associate members who were on the official wait list for the 2002 RCMA Conference in Tampa. This wait list will be processed next in postmark-date sequence if space is available.

    FILE D: All other associate members. If there is still space available after Files A, B, and C are processed, this file will be processed in postmark-date sequence until there is no exhibit space left in the exposition.

  3. Official Wait List:

    Any organization unable to obtain space under this procedure will be placed on an official wait list in postmark-date sequence. If additional booth space becomes available, it will be assigned in the sequence outlined above.

  4. Notification:

    All exhibitors will be notified by mail the week of September 23, 2002, concerning the results of the aforementioned selection process. Please do not call the RCMA office for this information.

  5. Rules and Regulations:

    Complete exhibit rules and regulations will be sent with the exhibit-space contract. (Note: If you do not receive the conference mailing by September 4, 2002, please contact the RCMA office.)

Please Note: In order to accommodate a broad range of exhibitors, only three representatives may register for the conference and participate in one exhibit booth. A maximum of two booths may be applied for per associate member. No more than two booths may be joined together.