Heard about eight-minute networking? Boston-based Match Events Inc. recently launched Networking-Match, a system to help professionals meet people they want to meet at conferences and trade shows, in order to make the most of their time.

Before the meeting, attendees are asked to create a networking profile to provide pertinent information about themselves to other participants. Those who plan to participate in the networking sessions are then asked to submit their meeting requests, indicating whom they would like to meet one-on-one.

Participants rotate through a series of eight-minute, one-on-one meetings. During each short meeting, participants are encouraged to understand quickly each other's needs and determine if a follow-up meeting would be mutually beneficial. From that point forward, cards are exchanged, and a new relationship is born.

Meeting planners are advised to plan well in advance to make these sessions work. Pick a time toward the beginning of your meeting so that people are in a getting-to-know-you frame of mind.

For more details, visit www.networkingmatch.com.