A recent poll on our SMM portal at MeetingsNet.com found that the half the respondents (50 percent) think the meetings department should be combined with the travel department for a strategic meetings management program to be most effective. Only 12 percent thought the meetings department should report to finance or procurement, though the trend is in that direction.

Cast your vote in our new poll, which asks: Which technology approach do you use for your SMM?

Also on the portal, Gretchen, a meetings manager from a Northeastern U.S. financial company, asks, “What are the keys to a successful SMM?” and expert Mike Malinchok boils it down to three tips.

Most important, he says, is to make compelling business case that draws specific attention to what’s going on in your own company. “You must move the conversation from theory to actual,” he says. It’s also important to tie the SMMP into the company’s mission—“to understand how the value drivers of an SMMP (i.e. visibility, risk mitigation, compliance, cost savings) support the ability to achieve that.” He also encourages practitioners to break their goals into small steps, or starting an SMM can become daunting.

Learn more—and ask your own question to our expert panel.

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