If your attendees are going to post updates to their social media pages while they’re on-site at your events, you may as well get in on the action.

At the Herbal Life President’s Summit in March, the nutrition company did just that. Working with Lead Retrieval International, Chicago, the company set up a social media photo kiosk that allowed attendees to take a snapshot of themselves and then post it on Facebook or Twitter, or send it out via e-mail.

Attendees benefited from a fun, quick status update, letting their friends and followers know they were in Los Angeles, and Herbal Life got more visibility than it would have if attendees had just snapped a photo with their phones. The kiosk photos are posted with a custom frame that can include the name and location of the event. The bottom line for Herbal Life: 599 posts by 543 unique individuals, resulting in 122,486 total impressions.

Lead Retrieval International, Chicago, is among the companies renting this popular new meeting add-on. The daily fee is $1,300, including a brand logo on the kiosk and a branded photo frame, plus shipping. The three-day rate is $3,000. Company President Vaughn Dietze says a sponsorship sale can easily off-set the cost of the kiosk.