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Director, Global Meetings & Events
Nike Inc.

PAST Schelle has 14 years of meetings industry experience in the corporate and nonprofit sectors. She has held other jobs as diverse as marketing manager for the Great Lakes of North America (an international tourism marketing organization), flight attendant, and hotel front desk attendant.

CRED In her role at Nike Inc., Schelle leads the global meetings and events department, creating and driving the strategic vision and business planning, and managing the departmental operations and staff of 11 team members. The team is responsible for group hotel sourcing and contracting, as well as meeting planning.

“It has been the highlight of my career to work at such an innovative company with such dynamic brands. We’ve been able to build a strong department and establish an SMMP that supports the company’s business and unique culture.”

LOOKING AHEAD Over the next few years, Schelle plans to continue to build the infrastructure and relationships necessary to evolve the SMMP further. On a personal level, she would like to advance her education in the management field and acquire a CMM certification.

MENTORS “I’ve been fortunate to have met a number of senior-level industry professionals whom I’ve learned a great deal from and who have given me opportunities to participate on task forces, advisory boards, and industry events. I also have a supportive management team who encourage professional development and involvement with our industry.”

ADVICE “The best advice that I’ve received and would pass on to others is to foster long-term internal and external relationships. It’s easy to become consumed with our own jobs; however, I would encourage meeting professionals to get involved with industry organizations and collaborate with colleagues inside and outside of their field. That’s where I have found the most innovative ideas and solutions, from those relationships.” —Barbara Scofidio