Mobile meeting guides range from inexpensive bare-bones agendas to flashy, custom productions that work as sophisticated, hand-held communication portals for the event, providing polling functionalities, embedded social media, attendee messaging, interactive floor plans, and much more. Here’s a wish list of 36 features that can be incorporated into a smartphone app for your meeting, convention, or special event.

Meeting Resources

  • Conference schedule
  • Personal agenda builder
  • Schedule alerts
  • Searchable attendee and speaker lists (with pictures)
  • Searchable exhibitor lists
  • Product search
  • Session search
  • Downloadable session handouts
  • Downloadable session slides
  • Note taking
  • Basic or interactive floor plans/maps
  • Exhibit hall “way-finding” (you appear as a dot on the map)
  • Hotel information
  • Local area guide and maps (with local sponsorship opportunities)
  • Transportation information, such as shuttle bus schedules and real-time stats on flights at local airports

Connecting People

  • Integration with Twitter, Facebook, and other social-media sites
  • Alerts sent from event organizers
  • Attendee-to-attendee messaging
  • “Bump” data sharing
  • User-generated content, such as a photo gallery

Exhibitor Listings

  • Logo
  • Product photos
  • Rich media content, such as videos and podcasts
  • Downloadable collateral
  • Show specials
  • New-product alerts


  • Sponsor splash screen
  • Sponsorship and advertising integration, with random or in-context ad placement
  • Data and analytics for exhibitors
  • SMS campaigns

Tools for the Host Organization

  • Attendee polling
  • Session and conference evaluations
  • Mobile commerce integration
  • Data and analytics for organizers (stats on usage, click-throughs, average time spent per page, etc.)
  • Customized color schemes
  • Press release search

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