The Virtual Edge Institute, Pleasanton, Calif., has launched an online virtual events directory, cataloguing and profiling the services and solutions of more than 400 suppliers in 20 categories, from digital engagement consultants to content-capture services to webconferencing providers.

VEI’s executive director, Michael Doyle, notes that the directory meets a need for more virtual meeting information as adoption grows and options expand. “We recognized that as virtual meetings and events were becoming more mainstream, marketers and event professionals were struggling to keep up with the increasing number of technology vendors and solution providers within the industry,” Doyle said.

Listings include a description of the product or service, a Web site link, and the company logo, and many listings also have a YouTube video and/or Twitter newsfeed. Of the directory’s 20 categories of suppliers, the Mobile Event Technology category is the most robust, with 79 entries, followed by Social Community Solutions with 48 and Virtual Event and Meeting Solutions with 37.

The new directory is free to buyers as well as to suppliers who want to list their products and services. However, suppliers are scrutinized. “We don’t just list anyone who wants to be listed. We vet them all,” says Doyle. In the future, suppliers will have an option to pay for additional visibility. “There will be premium offerings available for companies to maximize their presence in the directory,” Doyle says. Suppliers will be able to position themselves as a “Featured Listing” or buy advertising on the site.