Religious meeting planners are a special breed, and they have a significant role in the organizations for which they plan meetings. For many, planning meetings is just one of their numerous responsibilities. Generally, the organizations that they represent do not have a training program for meeting planners. RCMA effectively and efficiently fills that void. Using an acrostic, let me challenge and counsel you to take advantage of the education and enrichment that RCMA provides.

R suggests religious. Religious meeting planners from a broad spectrum hold membership in RCMA. One word that describes RCMA is diversity. R suggests relationships. Through the annual RCMA World Conference and Exposition, members establish lifelong relationships. R suggests resources. RCMA provides a myriad of resources for every planner.

C suggests connection. During RCMA, networking opportunities abound. Members can connect with representatives from the hospitality industry as well as other meeting planners. C suggests challenge. RCMA members face unique challenges in a changing environment. RCMA provides effective training to assist the meeting planner in meeting and overcoming the challenges.

M suggests meetings. RCMA focuses on the religious meeting, small or large. M suggests money. Meetings can be expensive. RCMA enables the religious meeting planner to plan affordable meetings. M suggests materials. RCMA provides an array of materials for all meeting planners — the experienced as well as the beginner.

A suggests assurance. The meeting planner who takes advantage of the resources offered by RCMA will develop personal assurance that he or she will develop into an effective meeting planner. A suggests ability. Every meeting planner needs to reach his or her full potential. Participation in RCMA will develop a person's ability and aptitude in meeting planning.