I enjoy every RCMA World Conference and Exposition, and 2010 was no exception. In thinking back on this year's conference, these are some of the things that I will remember.

  1. A great convention hotel. I stayed at the Omni, and it was impressive in every way. The service was outstanding. The décor was handsome, and the beautiful photographic prints of local scenes told me that I was in Texas. The attention to detail was outstanding. For example, there was an ethernet cord in the workspace drawer in my guest room. I remembered my own cord this year, but there have been years when I would have been grateful to find one in my room.

  2. The convenience of the meeting facilities. The Omni and the Hilton were across the street from the Fort Worth Convention Center. I loved that! It was perfect for times when I had to make a quick trip back to my room.

  3. Places to sit. The breakout rooms at the Fort Worth Convention Center are on the third floor, and built-in sitting areas are everywhere — perfect for people who want to conduct extended conversations with colleagues. This sounds like such a simple detail for a convention center — having plenty of places to sit. But it's amazing how few convention centers get this right.

  4. Yakov Smirnoff. Sure, I'll remember the great show he put together for Thursday night's gala, but even more impressive was that Smirnoff attended the entire conference, including Friday morning. That's unheard of! His actions showed that he was truly interested in building relationships within the religious meetings market.

  5. The Haygoods. I had never heard of this eight-member family musical act from Branson, Mo., but I'll never forget their high-energy performance Thursday night. If you're looking for a talented, positive act that will appeal to all ages, put The Haygoods on your short list.

  6. Fort Worth barbecue. My colleagues and I were in search of an authentic Fort Worth dining experience on Monday night. We walked from our hotel to Riscky's, which has been serving Texas barbecue since 1927. I knew Riscky's was the real thing when I saw the rolls of paper towels on all the tables; the barbecue was messy and delicious.

  7. David DuBois, president and CEO of the Fort Worth CVB, riding into the opening general session on a horse, the song “Rhinestone Cowboy” playing on the sound system. Fort Worth embraces its cow-town heritage, and this pride helps to create a unique experience for visitors. That's a great lesson for all cities: be proud of what you are!