We did a change in location for our meeting for children. It's been in our region, but we decided to move it out West. It gave us a new clientele, and afforded new opportunities in public relations with people who didn't know what we were doing before.

It was more costly. … We don't know how good the money investment was, but it was a good PR success as far as the event goes. For future conferences, we're looking at the Northeast and Gulf Coast.

Change is good.

Tony Lane
Coordinator, Church of God Youth and Christian Education
Cleveland, Tenn.

We were much more aggressive about reaching outside our denomination for our annual youth event. We visited their events and did promotions. The event is Wild West Winterfest: three days in February in Rapid City, S.D. We call it the “hottest event in winter.” We hold worship services, offer skiing, indoor singing, and shopping trips, so youth can build their own package.

We had pretty much maxed out the event within our denomination. In order to grow, we had to go beyond our youth. Since there's not much going on in the winter, we felt that we could offer something more.

We've grown from 200 attendees the first year to almost 500 in three years.

Don R. Chavis
Regional YCE Director, North Central Region, Church of God
Bismarck, N.D.

It won't happen until April 2008, but we're adding after-hours entertainment. We've hired a Christian improv group, illusionist, and comedian. It will be a time for people to let down and laugh. It's optional, for people who are night owls. The entertainment will start 15 minutes after our last evening session and last 45 minutes.

I think it will be really well-received because people go so long and hard at conferences. Most people don't go out into the town because our sessions run fairly late, so the majority sit and talk or go to their room. We thought the entertainment would be an added benefit.

Marsha Lyons
Director, Conferences and Meetings Christian Management Association
San Clemente, Calif.