The validity of RCMA is confirmed by its distinctiveness. It is a global organization composed exclusively of religious meeting planners and those who represent facilities and services within this specialized field.

Its validity is further confirmed by its design. RCMA is a multifaith association that focuses on religious meeting planning and the managing of religious meetings, conferences, and conventions. The methods for making religious meetings productive and cost-effective remain a key component of RCMA. RCMA is designed especially to help meeting planners enhance their expertise and fulfill their leadership role in the organizations they serve.

The value of RCMA is in its contribution to individual meeting planners, religious organizations, and suppliers in the hospitality industry. The planner who plans one meeting — and the planner who is responsible for many — both profit from membership in RCMA.

RCMA's vision is apparent in its emphasis on education. Sessions at RCMA conferences keep attendees up-to-date on the changing world of meeting planning and on industry trends, from technological changes (including tips for using the latest technology) to practical techniques that enable the meeting planner to successfully manage conferences and meetings.

The vision of RCMA can be summarized like this: RCMA provides cutting-edge information, instruction, and inspiration for religious meeting planners and suppliers.