A few years ago, an esteemed friend finished his course in this life; he lived a busy, fruitful life that was admired by many dear friends and acquaintances. Born with a crippling palsy, he was not expected to live, much less ever walk or speak with any clarity. By sheer determination, greatly enforced by his faith, he walked, talked, married, and raised a wonderful family. He became a tremendous speaker who was welcomed in many venues around the world.

After many years of experience, he reflected on his life by writing an inspirational book. I am privileged to have an autographed copy of You've Got to Have the Want to … . Someone stated that there is no substitute or effective argument for the person who has an “experience.” Thus, I believe that my friend proved that the “want to” attribute is very important to each of us. No matter the task, challenge, or apparent impossibility, we can face each such circumstance with courage accompanied by the “want to” factor.

I often feel that unexpected challenges/opportunities are beyond my level of expertise. However, I have also learned that many of you — suppliers and fellow meeting planners — have proved that success is possible when accompanied with enough “want to.” You are an inspiration to me and to many others as you prove that determination, accompanied with talent and desire, bring the desired results.

I could name many; but here are a few of my “want to” goals. I want to

  • be ethical, no matter the cost;
  • be understanding of the needs of others;
  • be friendly, even during times of stress;
  • be encouraging and assist when needed;
  • be mindful of the feelings of others;
  • be a true friend when others question;
  • be a better husband, father, and grandfather;
  • build true and lasting relationships; and
  • be all that God wants me to be.

May each of us embrace the “want to” factor and be a blessing and an encourager to all with whom we interact.