Amanda Parsons
Women of Faith
Plano, Texas

“I really enjoy the relationships that we build with the staff at the hotels and different conference centers that we use. Every new conference or meeting that we plan means that we'll be building new relationships with new people. Sometimes I run into people I worked with at one hotel that have since moved on to another. It's fun to see familiar faces. Having ongoing relationships with people makes my job easier and it makes my job all that much more enjoyable.”

Susan Anthony
Director of Mission
Integration and Program
Catholic Health Initiatives
Erlanger, Ky.

“I enjoy putting together the content of the conferences as well as getting high-caliber speakers to speak at the meetings. I especially enjoy talking with the speakers ahead of time and having the opportunity to read any papers or books that they may have written. Right now, I'm reading a book called Abraham Lincoln's DNA and Other Adventures in Genetics, which was sent to me by the author, Philip R. Reilly, PhD, who will be speaking at our Leadership Conference in 2002. I have worked with several other great speakers as well, and I really enjoy learning about them and the work that they have done.”

Jackie Fitz
Special Events Manager
MOMS in Touch International
Poway, Calif.

“Although I'm not directly involved with the on-site work, I work with the ministry and help to coordinate the planning for most meetings. I work with a variety of different women volunteers, mostly stay-at-home moms, who volunteer their time to help pull the meetings together. I enjoy getting to know them and watching them blossom. I get to see how the Lord lifts them up, encourages them, and brings out the talents that they never knew they had. It's fun to nurture these newfound talents and to help the women grow.”

Debbie Ratliff-Ball
Convention Coordinator
Association of Unity Churches
Kansas City, Mo.

“The thing that I find most enjoyable about meeting planning is working with the different people and the hotels. The hotel staff are always very friendly and make my job so much easier. For instance, last year I worked with the staff from the Hyatt Regency in Kansas City, and they were always very quick about returning my phone calls and helping me out.”

Alicia G. Brown
Logistics Ministry
Calvary Community Church
Hampton, Va.

“The execution of the meeting plan is the most enjoyable part to me — seeing every aspect of your plan fit together. It's like a symphony. Although there are many different instruments in the orchestra, they all play in harmony, one complementing the other, creating an enjoyable, memorable music experience. The same is true with event planning. The end result of all that planning is an enjoyable, memorable meeting experience for all.”

Herbert Smith
Sanctuary Baptist
Cleveland, Ohio

“One of the greatest things I enjoy is the challenge of finding the appropriate hotel and meeting accommodations for our conferences. It's important to me that we find a place that not only has adequate meeting space, but that also is a place that will be convenient for our participants to get to.

“We look at the rooms and what type of added attractions the facility and the city have to offer. For instance, when the conference breaks up in the evening, where will we be able to go in the area to have an enjoyable time? I also enjoy the challenge of negotiating the best price as well as working with the various people at the hotel.”