This is my first communication to you as president of the RCMA Board of Directors. I consider it a great honor to serve you and pledge my utmost efforts to support our executive director, DeWayne S. Woodring, and the other members of the board. My desire is to see our organization grow and continue its valued benefits to all our members.

I commend the excellent service of Jack Stone, who has served faithfully and with integrity as president of the RCMA Board for the past several years. He continues to serve on the board, and I appreciate his expertise.

In recent years, much has been written regarding “purpose.” Rick Warren's best-seller The Purpose Driven Life has reached record sales that have astounded the best of analysts. Perhaps one reason for the success is that we can all relate, in that we continually strive for excellence and purpose in our daily lives.

To achieve fulfillment of purpose and commitment in religious meeting planning, there is a need for coordination and harmony between planners and suppliers. RCMA exists to provide this opportunity. We need to approach our objective by clearly conveying our expectations and needs to each other. This communication will greatly determine the success of our meetings.

Having experienced the first “very small” RCMA conference in 1973 in Louisville, Ky., it is rewarding to witness the growth and excellence of this organization. RCMA is a notable example of people who have coordinated with purpose and commitment their respective goals and requirements by their willingness to share with one another.

I look forward to working with each of you.