Harold Dalton
C.E.M. Administrative Assistant Church Education Ministries International Pentecostal Holiness Church Oklahoma City, Okla.

I'm going to say Cincinnati, Ohio, for several reasons.

One, I like the airport, so I can get in there easily from anywhere in the country. Two, it has an excellent convention center, which is now being renovated and expanded. Three, it has a lot of hotels within one block.

Number four: There are many places to shop and eat within an easy walk, and five, there are lots of tourist attractions in the area and lots of entertainment.

Also, the pricing in Cincinnati is very reasonable for the product, and since ours is a youth event, we pay huge attention to price.

DiAnne Coggins
Event Planner All Saints' Episcopal Church Atlanta

Chicago. I've been there several times. I always found different things that we could have our attendees do there, so that's a big draw. Shopping, nice restaurants. You go at the right time weatherwise, and it's just a beautiful place to go. As for facilities, I think the convention centers and hotels are up to par. I've found the staffs to be helpful, and that's a big plus. They do a lot of conventions, so everyone's very professional.

But I like Atlanta too!

Sherry Moore
SLM Events Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations Conference Planner Lorton, Va.

My favorite city for downtown meetings is my hometown, Washington, D.C. I know you probably think I'm prejudiced, and I suppose I am. This city offers so much!

Because it is the capital of our great country, it hosts our legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government. It also has an embassy from every country represented here. The White House, Capitol, Smithsonian museums, Washington Monument, Vietnam Memorial, Holocaust Museum, Lincoln Memorial, and the new World War II Memorial are all within walking distance of each other. Most of the attractions are free, which makes this an affordable destination.

It also offers many fine restaurants and theaters, including the Kennedy Center. After a long day of touring, a change of pace can be found with dinner and lunch cruises along the Potomac River. Come, and you might just see the president's limo driving along the streets. I did. Washington is truly an enchanting city.

Barry Jones
Manager, Conference Planning Family Life Little Rock, Ark.

Forth Worth, Texas, and its Sundance Square. The city has pumped a lot of money into its old buildings, and now there are 10 blocks of movie theaters, ice cream parlors, and restaurants. It's very charming. If you have to be in a downtown, Forth Worth is the place to be.

By popular demand we're going back, just because of the charm.

Marva Land
Church Business Admin. St. Luke Church of God in Christ Chicago

Memphis. It has a lot of history for our denomination and the food is delicious. Also, the people are friendly, and I'm familiar with the place.

Jeffrey Price
Meeting Planner Georgetown Center for Liturgy Washington, D.C.

Philadelphia. The rich history is simply outside the front door of the hotel.

In the evaluations, that's what people said over and over again. Within a 10-block radius there were more than 50 restaurants. People just really loved that.

We set up pre- and post-convention tours. We kept hearing, “Hey, thanks, let's keep that up,” so we're repeating it this year in Santa Fe.