Martha Andres
District Arrangements
Coordinator Texas District The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod San Antonio

In conjunction with my position as district coordinator, all our meetings are held in Texas. So Texas is my favorite location. You can find any kind of climate or topography. If you want mountains, we've got that. If you want beaches, we've got that.

Of course I'm partial to San Antonio because I live here. It's family-oriented. You can bring your family along. There's so much for them to do. They can go to the Riverwalk and not spend a penny and be entertained. You can stay over a day or two and do family stuff before and after.

There's a variable price range — everything from a resort-type facility to regular price. The airport is very accessible; it's just 11 miles from downtown.

Michael Reaves
Church Planner Church of the Apostolic Doctrine Hartford, Conn.

I think my favorite location for meetings would be Florida. Most of our members have children, and there are a lot of activities for them there. The most effective ones [meetings] have been in Florida.

Usually we try to gear our meetings to giving time to families to enjoy the weather and activities.

It has great meeting facilities and a lot of options — and it's competitive so you can wheel and deal more.

Kimberly Gifford
Ministry Event Coordinator CB America Littleton, Colo.

For our national events, we've found that Denver has worked really well for a couple of reasons: The cost has been pretty good, and families love it. Because we do our conventions in June and July, the weather isn't ridiculous.

There's entertainment. For free time there are options, including shuttle buses and tour guides. People enjoy it.

But the location we've found for incredible service is the Hyatt Regency in Irvine, Calif. That is by far on top of my list. I recommend it for a hotel site. It went from the bellhop knowing who the conference coordinator was to everyone saying “Hi,” “Please come back,” and “What else can we do to help you?”

One person whose car was broken into two days later couldn't quit talking about how great the hotel was. Staff got the police there, comped him his room. They bent over backward to make it a positive experience.

Brian Helstrom
Event Coordinator

We had a meeting in the Boise hockey rink. They covered the floor with insulation and wood and we had a meeting right in the middle. That was our most memorable meeting, maybe not my favorite.

We've been in a lot of Marriott Hotels. It's always good to go to a Marriott because we know that we can expect a standard, and we know that the standard will be the same all over.

A Marriott in the San Diego area was fun because of everything around it. There was stuff to do once you got out of the meeting.

Probably my most favorite environment would be a Breckinridge (Colo.) site because of the scenery out the windows. It's nature, and nature puts everyone at ease.

Rebecca Markert
Vice President National Church Periodical Club Episcopal Church Nashville, Tenn.

My favorite location is the Kanuga Conference Center near Hendersonville, N.C. It's beautiful. You have the choice of accommodations from cabins and guest houses to hotel-type rooms. Meal service is always included with the room rate, so you don't have to be hassled with that.

We've been there at least a dozen times. There are two outdoor areas for worship, one overlooking a lake and one in the woods.

It's owned by the Episcopal Church; however, they have other groups that have conferences there. They have facilities and conference rooms for groups from 10 to several hundred.

It is very comfortable — any time of the year.