Today, the people you need to reach to get your job done are often out of touch, on the road, or out of their office. The connecting challenge is difficult. But we are learning to connect by e-mail and voice mail. Receiving 200 e-mails a day is about the norm. While many of these messages are from distribution lists and may not require a response, message systems must be managed. Integrated voice and message systems, as well as Web access on cellular phones, assist us in keeping connected.

The headquarters campus where I work has 300 workers in multiple buildings on 34 acres. We must purposefully schedule meetings to stay connected.

Last month, while visiting another city, we reconnected with a hotel salesperson with whom we had a meeting in 1992. It seemed so nice to reconnect after 10 years of no connection. Staying in touch is essential.

Beginning in 1972, the goal and commitment of RCMA have been to connect religious meeting planners with the industry. There has been an ongoing effort to bring an understanding and appreciation for the religious segment of the meeting industry and those who labor in it. It has taken hard work to forge the connections. We now enjoy the fruits of those who labored before us. It is incumbent upon our current membership to not only enjoy the benefits of this marvelous connection to industry providers and one another, but to continue the connection.

The religious market is an inclusive niche market. Let's make RCMA's connections even stronger!