I suppose that it's human nature to view life, situations, people, and the world from a narrow, limited perspective. After all, we see things through the personal “eyes” of our own mind — eyes colored by our upbringing, experiences, past successes, failures, religious influences, age, health, and more.

Perhaps we could improve our working and personal relationships if we remembered that our “eyes” help to communicate our ideas and comments, and that what another person sees and hears may be totally different.

As I sat in my car recently, waiting to proceed, I commented to my companion on a situation that I was watching through the side view mirror. Thinking that I was describing something in front of us that he could not see, my friend became very confused. It took a minute or so for us to realize that we were focusing on different situations. Our communication became much more productive when the subject was clear to both of us.

What an opportunity we have to learn! If we listen to the ideas and experiences of others, we can expand our own perspective and area of perception. The RCMA Conference & Exposition provides such an opportunity — it's a wonderful venue for personal and professional growth. Don't miss it!