CLA’s mission is to “unite, train, and equip Christian leaders to think higher for greater kingdom gain.” As such, the association aims to provide lifelong learning by tapping the expertise of thought leaders and presenting that knowledge base through a variety of programs, events, media, and technology. In addition to the national conference, these outreach efforts include an online academy, a professional credentialing program, webcasts, a print magazine, an e-newsletter, and social media.

In each of these approaches, information and education are tracked into eight core subject areas:
• Executive leadership
• Financial management
• Communications and marketing
• Internet and technology
• People management and care
• Resource development
• Board governance
• Tax and legal issues

Moreover, the association has designed a sophisticated framework for connecting with members on a daily, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. “We promote all the resources that we offer very heavily at the conference,” Brown says. “It’s the place where we share all the ways we connect throughout the year.”