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Leggett came to the meetings department at Co-Operators Insurance 10 years ago, after working in sales and then a consulting and training role. “That’s been absolutely critical for me as a planner because I know the audience and what they do.”

EVOLUTION Because of his background and performance, Leggett was invited to take a seat at the executive decision-making table—a seat that had never before been occupied by a meeting manager. He has input on agendas, design, messaging, and all facets of educating, entertaining, and engaging attendees. “I can help shape the future direction of our meetings, and our meeting spend.”
Leggett also has driven down costs by combining meetings, signing multi-year deals, and maximizing spend through SMM. “Cost savings don’t talk, they scream.” But more important, he’s maintained consistently high engagement scores and created experiences that allow senior executives to deliver key messages.

AHA! MOMENT When Leggett started out, he didn’t know much about meetings, coming from the sales side. “I came to understand that meetings are so much more than negotiating a contract or booking a hotel,” he says. “Our face-to-face meetings are the time when we can engage, entertain, and educate our people. There’s more to it than the mechanics.”

GIVING BACK Leggett is actively involved in Financial & Insurance Conference Planners. “I know I’m better at what I do as a direct result of my involvement with FICP. Because I’ve had the opportunity to learn and further my career, I wanted to give back.” Last year, he served as chair of the FICP Canada Region. He’s also sat on the design team, the national education committee, and been a panelist at the annual conference. - Dave Kovaleski