This report is based on a February 2012 survey of 800 respondents, all readers of the MeetingsNet magazines—Association Meetings, Medical Meetings, and Corporate Meetings & Incentives (findings from the other magazines will be reported in upcoming issues)—and focuses on the Big Five of social media: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and blogs. Here are some of the highlights regarding each:


The most popular form of social media among our readers, LinkedIn is used by 83 percent of respondents to create an online network of existing business contacts and to make new connections. Interestingly, though it’s promoted as an important tool for job hunting, only 13 percent of respondents said they’ve gotten an interview though a LinkedIn connection. However, of those people, one-third got the job.

Networking appears to be the respondents’ main use for LinkedIn: The majority (65 percent) say they rarely post anything and use it less than one hour a week (84 percent). Many belong to various LinkedIn discussion groups, including the Corporate Event and Meeting Planners group, Meeting Professionals International’s Meetings and Events Discussion Group, and our own MeetingsNet group.

While slightly more women than men use LinkedIn, the guys were the ones with the most connections: Those with more than 500 connections tended to be male and between 40 and 49 years old.

Facebook and Meeting Planners

Twitter and Meeting Planners

YouTube and Meeting Planners

Blogs and Meeting Planners