1. FAVORS WITH A PURPOSE — A great example is Bloemboxes, colorful gift boxes with silk blooms on top. Inside is a 15-foot biodegradable plantable seed ribbon that will grow into the bloom that adorns the top of the box. www.givefavors.com

  2. FLOWERS IN SEASON — Just as fruits and vegetables, flowers are much better when they're in season. “Tulips in summer are just not a good idea, while lilies in summer are a great idea,” says Angelo Castaldi, national account manager and Holland coordinator for Virgin Farms Direct. www.virginfarms.com

  3. RECYCLABLE RENTALS — Girari rents some of the slickest-looking furniture out there, and the metal is recycled aluminum from old airplane parts. Also an option: props from the old planes for theme parties. http://girari.com

  4. NEW TECHNOLOGIES, LOWER PRICES — Just one example: Starmaze, a brand new special-effect technology that creates a stunning 30-by-30-foot universe of moving stars on a wall or ceiling. Technologies are changing so fast that you can expect dazzling new products like this every year. www.starmazespecialeffects.com

  5. MIAMI & L.A.?STYLE ENTERTAINERS — The entire country now looks to these two sizzling cities to define style and glamour, says Rolando Espinoza, owner of Champagne Showgirls. www.champagneshowgirls.com.