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  • Oct 8, 2014

    Nobel Prizes, Meetings and Events Version

    I think it's time we laud some of your mad meeting management skills with our own version of the Nobels!...More
  • Sep 25, 2014

    Question Authority—Especially Your Own

    We all have unconscious biases, and the influence what we do and the decisions we make in ways we aren't aware of. Especially for planners, think about what mental shortcuts you take and how that may affect those who fall outside your bias lines....More
  • Sep 8, 2014

    Sue’s Air Travel Etiquette Guide 9

    Here’s my first stab at creating a guide to airplane etiquette that, if followed, might just keep the bloodletting to a minimum (until the next seat-space downshift, that is)....More
  • Sep 4, 2014

    Event Managers, Get Creative!

    In today’s fast-changing events world, meeting managers need to hone their creativity to stay ahead. Here’s how....More
  • Aug 26, 2014

    To Recline or Not to Recline—Is that Really the Question? 3

    After a United flight had to be diverted due to passengers feuding over a seatback’s position, sadly, it may be....More