Checklists en How to Create a General Session Timeline <div class="field-byline"> By Hal Schild, Senior Vice President, Creative Services, PCI </div> <div class="node-body article-body"><div></div>The key to creating a successful annual meeting general session is paying attention to the four basic production phases.</div> <p><a href="" target="_blank">read more</a></p> Association Meetings Resources Checklists Resources and Reports Wed, 05 Oct 2016 21:59:00 +0000 66051 at <p>Man with arrows on a blackboard</p> Credit: Stuart Jenner, Thinkstock by Getty Images 4 Tips for Training Event Staff <div class="field-byline"> By Drew D’Agostino </div> <div class="node-body article-body"><div></div>It's your event staffers, whether <span class='keyword_link'><a href="" title="7 Strategies for Effective On-Site Volunteers at Your Meetings" target="_blank">volunteer</a></span> or contracted, who ensure that guests experience the event as you've envisioned it. Are they up to the task? Try these four training best practices.</div> <p><a href="" target="_blank">read more</a></p> Association Meetings Resources Financial/Insurance Meetings Association Meetings Checklists International Partners Outsourcing Meetings Fuel Medical Meetings Free Mon, 16 May 2016 15:01:00 +0000 39911 at 33 Easy, Everyday Tips to Make You More Productive <div class="node-body gallery-body"><div></div>Our gallery of productivity pointers from Audrey Thomas (a.k.a. Organized Audrey) reveals how to avoid getting derailed by office interruptions, how to capture and use the little gaps between calls or appointments, how to make your e-mail exchanges way more efficient, and much more.</div> <p><a href="" target="_blank">read more</a></p> Checklists Meetings Fuel Career Fri, 15 Jan 2016 16:15:00 +0000 46311 at 7 Steps to Limit Liquor Liability <div class="field-byline"> NICOLE BRUDOS FERRARA </div> <div class="node-body article-body"><div></div>You've heard the horror story. A company hosts an event at which alcohol is served. An attendee overindulges, gets in his car, and drives straight into oncoming traffic.</div> <p><a href="" target="_blank">read more</a></p> Checklists Risk Management Corporate Meetings Premium Fri, 02 Oct 2015 16:00:00 +0000 15531 at ThinkStock 15 Questions for Your Event Photographer <div class="field-byline"> By Bob Christie </div> <div class="node-body article-body"><div></div>15 key questions to ask the photographer to make sure you know what you're getting.</div> <p><a href="" target="_blank">read more</a></p> Audiovisual/Production Association Meetings Checklists Meetings Fuel Premium Fri, 28 Aug 2015 16:49:00 +0000 29831 at <p>Bob Christie</p> How to Protect Your Meeting from Cyber Threats <div class="node-body article-body"><div></div>Hacking is quick, easy, and lucrative, says cyber threat analyst Michael Robinson. Here are six best practices for protecting your critical organizational data—and that of your attendees—at meetings.</div> <p><a href="" target="_blank">read more</a></p> Association Meetings Checklists Tech News/Trends Meetings Fuel Corporate Meetings Medical Meetings Premium Thu, 06 Aug 2015 16:35:00 +0000 51971 at Book Review: 167 Easy Inspirations for Greener Meetings <div class="node-body article-body"><div></div>This checklist-rich book will get you greener meetings in no time.</div> <p><a href="" target="_blank">read more</a></p> Checklists Green Meetings/CSR Premium Tue, 07 Jul 2015 19:03:00 +0000 51311 at 11 Tips for Staying Safe and Healthy Overseas <div class="node-body article-body"><div></div>Make this checklist part of your pre-meeting mailing to attendees for international trips.</div> <p><a href="" target="_blank">read more</a></p> Checklists Global Meetings Resources Expert Advice Premium Fri, 20 Mar 2015 12:49:00 +0000 32381 at 28 Things to Check During a Ship Inspection <div class="node-body article-body"><div></div>Take this tip sheet with you when considering a cruise ship for a meeting or incentive program. </div> <p><a href="" target="_blank">read more</a></p> Checklists Motivational Travel Event Planning Premium Sun, 01 Mar 2015 16:21:00 +0000 13935 at 50 Ways to Save Money Planning Meetings <div class="field-byline"> Dave Kovaleski </div> <div class="field-deck"> Here are 50 ways to cut costs when planning your next meeting. </div> <div class="node-body article-body"><div></div>Some are tried and true, others might not work in every case, but they're all worth a shot!</div> <p><a href="" target="_blank">read more</a></p> Association Meetings Resources Audiovisual/Production Budgeting/Cost Savings Checklists Recreation/Entertainment Meetings Fuel Premium Fri, 02 Jan 2015 13:58:00 +0000 24405 at