Active Network, the San Diego–based event technology company that acquired StarCite earlier this year, has launched a suite of mobile applications that dovetail with its various customer solutions.

”We’re looking to change the game a little,” says Eric Olson, general manager, SMB global sales and operations for Active Network Business Solutions. “What we’re doing different is that we're not building point solutions and then integrating them [into an event]. Our approach is to start with the core systems and build mobile applications that work with them.”

Launched in 2000, Active Network originally provided technology solutions for sporting and community events. It broke into the corporate space in 2007 with the acquisition of meeting registration provider RegOnline and event management technology company Wingate Web. In January, the company launched its business solutions division when it bought Starcite, known for its strategic meetings management technologies and online supplier marketplace for sending and managing requests for proposal.

The new mobile suite offers a range of apps, varying in sophistication. “On one end, we've got a very complex, highly customizable conference application that includes gaming and new ways to share contact information through QR codes,” says Olson. On the other end, he says, is a free mobile meeting guide for RegOnline customers. “An association may need a different technology solution for its annual convention than for its chapter events, but ideally the technologies will talk to one another and they all come from one vendor. Our approach to mobile mirrors that. We're launching a suite of solutions that provides different mobile applications for different uses.”

In addition to attendee apps, Active Network also offers a mobile application for suppliers, allowing them to view and respond to leads coming in through the RFP tool, and apps for meeting organizers, at varying levels of sophistication, allowing them to have information in hand, such as who has arrived on site or who has signed up for a particular session.

All the apps are created using the html5 markup language. That means they are Web-based and can be accessed by any kind of mobile device, but can incorporate functionality that in the past was restricted to native apps, such as viewing your schedule offline.