Certain Software Inc.
San Francisco
Sales Team, info@certain.com

Founded: 1994

Biggest recent announcement: None

3 Sample Meeting Planning Partners: None

3 Sample Clients: Prohibited from naming specific clients

1. Certain Platform: On-demand event
management and collaboration
2. Certain Mobile: Event information delivered to attendees’ mobile devices
3. Certain Results Measurement Services: Quantify the full business value of events
4. Certain SMM: Management of multiple events, including organizing requests, suppliers,
budgets, calendars, and more
5. Certain Virtual: Create virtual events

Venues in sourcing database: N/A
E-RFP tool: No
Ability to create customized registration Web site: Yes
Knowledge of HTML needed: No
Attendee registration/management: Yes
Housing registration/management: Yes
Multiple languages: No
Multiple currencies: Yes (20)
Meeting calendar: Yes
Budgeting tools: No
Standard reports: Yes
Customizable reports: Yes
Customizable surveys: Yes
Attendee networking tools: Yes. Ceratin Mobile allows planners to deliver updated event information to attendees’ smartphones and tablets and capture attendee feedback.
Integration with CRM such as Salesforce.com: Yes

PRICING: Annual software license and participant packages. Additional participant packages can be purchased for more or larger events.

TRAINING: Online video training; other training
available based on client requests

SUPPORT: 24/7 by phone, e-mail, and online customer portal

Marketing or advertising packages available for vendors: No
Consulting services: Available for meeting and event measurement, implementation, and custom development