The Royal Gazette, a Bermuda newspaper, reports that the former director of the Atlanta-based National Conference of Black Mayors, Vanessa Williams, made false claims about her authority to organize a conference on the island, and spent five days in Bermuda on a site inspection trip earlier this month, paid for by the Corporation of Hamilton (Bermuda).

According to that article, Williams was fired from the NCBM in September over allegations that she spent hundreds of thousands of dollars of the association’s funds on personal expenses—including lavish shopping trips at exclusive Manhattan stores. An article from Atlanta Daily World on August 30 reported that the NCBM accused Williams, formerly executive director, of incurring in excess of $600,000 in questionable business expenses, according to a lawsuit filed in Fulton County court. Twenty-one mayors across the nation called for Williams’ resignation.

A spokesman for the NCBM has since confirmed to The Royal Gazette that Williams was dismissed by the NCBM Board last year, and that she no longer has any association with the NCBM. The spokesman added that the NCBM had no knowledge of any conference being held in Bermuda.