F&B for the Adventurous

Tired of the usual rubber chicken banquet offerings? Chefs around the country are being creative in finding new ways to satisfy attendees' increasingly discriminating pallets, but if you want to really get out of the box, check out some of the incredible edibles available from Edible.com. There you'll find such culinary wonders as scorpion vodka, green crocodile curry, weasel coffee, and reindeer pâté. Yum.

What's Love Got to Do With It?

If you need to take a break, or just reset your brain, check out Twistori.com. The site streams the latest Twitter posts that contain the words “love,” “hate,” “think,” “believe,” “feel,” and “wish.” In each stream you'll find thoughts deep and shallow, but always interesting in the way they juxtapose. Here's a recent example of what you might find on the “believe” stream:

Singing to all the songs that make my heart beat just a little faster.

i believe that is what my soul really needs to remind me who I am.

My abs hurt.

i believe that's a good thing.

i believe I need to get some sleep!!

Services that

I believe should be combined: oil changes and massages.

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