These questions will help you choose a reliable ground transportation provider outside the U.S.:

1. Has the provider carried out site inspections with each of its local franchises or subcontractors?

2. Does the provider have formal contracts with local providers that include service standards and require background checks? Request copies of those contracts.

3. How long has your ground transportation vendor been working in your meeting market? Verify that your vendor is actually “international” by checking on its history of success—or lack thereof—in your meeting destination.

4. Is your vendor able to offer client references?

5. Will your vendor travel to provide on-site management or oversight for your event?

6. Does your provider know local rules, customs, and methods of operation to ensure efficient rides and good service?

7. Are you able to monitor service levels and spend patterns? Your provider should allow you to see how charges accrue over time, from reservation to billing. Agree to key performance indicators and ask for monthly reports.

8. Choose a vendor that does automated booking.

9. Ask for quotes and payments in U.S. dollars or require a clear explanation of exchange rates.

10. Ask about driver selection and training programs, and request certificates of insurance.

Mike Fogarty is CEO, Tristar Worldwide Chauffer Services. Tristar has offices and vehicles in New York, Boston, London, Manchester (England), and Hong Kong, and also operates through a network of affiliates in more than 80 countries. A leader in corporate road shows and meetings, Tristar provides international and cross-border ground transportation in all major business hubs.