• Use images that illustrate your point in a dramatic, memorable way (graphs, pictures, drawings, etc.)

• Don't rely on too much text, and whatever you do, don’t read slides aloud word for word.

• Use a maximum of three or four bullet points per slide.

• Use slides to compare and contrast data.

• Use your pointer to highlight key points on the slide.

By planning ahead and engaging your audience with the content, many online webinar conferencing tools such as chat, polling, and breakout rooms will provide additional interaction among your participants and enrich their learning and experience with your goals and objectives in mind. There certainly are other techniques for fostering interactivity, such as annotating and using a whiteboard. Do you have other effective methods? We would like to learn from you.

Amy Osterholm, MPH, MSW, is senior training and development consultant, and Karen Olivar Mariano is administrative services supervisor, with The Permanente Medical Group.

Note: This article was originally published in February 2014.