Travel Services/Destination Information

  • U.S. Passport Services — where to apply for a passport; how to get passports the easy way; downloadable, printable passport applications; answers to frequently asked questions;

  • American Passport Express — U.S. passports expedited in 24 hours; (800) 841-6778;;

  • U.S. Customs Know Before You Go — specific info for U.S. residents returning home, including duty regulations and customs exemptions;

  • Background Notes — valuable source for specific destinations around the world, can be found on the Web under “Countries and Regions” at, or call the State Department at (202) 647-6575

  • U.S. Embassies — abroad offer a range of information. See “Websites of U.S. Embassies and Other Diplomatic Missions” online under Americans who register in the consular section of the U.S. Embassy in foreign countries can obtain up-to-date information on travel and security in that country.

  • The International Trade Administration — government data on various countries;

  • Routes International — flight tracker; travel and booking info; numerous travel Web links; travel for the disabled;

  • Nonprofit Risk Management Center — helps non-profits with risk-management; contact: Melanie Herman, director, (202) 785-3891;

  • Travelocity — detailed site and travel information on a huge destination database;

  • Event Planner — country-by-country information, including many meeting-specific and event-specific services;

  • — info on numerous destinations, including each country's culture, lodging, maps, transportation, weather, and yellow pages, plus travel tools such as currency converter, airport survival guide;

  • Business Travel Net — information about business travel products and services worldwide, including airlines, hotels, car rental companies;

Nuts-and-Bolts/Tips, Clocks, and Codes

Destination Management Companies

  • British Association of Conference Destinations — represents 80 conference destinations and more than 3,000 venues throughout the British Isles; venue location service; news; conference support; education and training; in Birmingham, England: 44 (0) 121 212 1400; fax 44(0) 121 212 3131;;

  • Euromic — consortium of two dozen European DMCs. Chicago office: (800) 621-8045, (312) 845-9734; fax (312) 845-9739;;

  • Networld — connects corporations, special groups, and incentive travel planners with its overseas network of travel suppliers, The Networld Network;

  • Travel Trade Marketing USA — undertakes sales, marketing, and reservations throughout North and South America for the international travel industry;

  • World of Incentives — network of 25 DMCs from 20 countries; Location: Switzerland: 41 79 607 4626; fax 41 21 807 4918;;

  • Global Events Partners — alliance of full-service DMCs from around the world. Web site offers contact information, creative themes, online RFPs. Location Washington, DC: (800) 206-9055, (202) 775-5800; fax (202) 775-8150;;


  • The Department of Commerce's Trade Information Center — information on countries, tariffs, taxes, trade events (800) USA-TRADE (872-8723); fax (202) 482-4473;;

  • Department of Commerce — produces catalog exhibitions that display product catalogs to potential agents, distributors, or buyers in selected world markets. Contact Export Promotion Services: (202) 482-3973; fax (202) 482-2718

  • Canada Customs and Revenue Agency — info on customs; publishes guide on bringing meetings to Canada; (613) 946-0237;

  • International Special Events Society — more than 3,000 professionals in a dozen countries representing special event producers, from caterers to audiovisual techs to specialty entertainers; 800-688-ISES (4737), 312-321-6853;;

  • The National Trade Data Bank — compilation of export promotion and international trade data from 17 U.S. government agencies. The International Trade Library is a comprehensive collection of over 40,000 documents related to international trade; (800) STAT-USA, (202) 482-1986; fax (202) 482-2164;;

  • The International Association of Professional Congress Organizers — can put you in touch with member PCOs in specific countries. IAPCO Secretariat, in London: 44-20-87496171; fax 44-20-87400241;;

  • The International Association for Exposition Management — worldwide daily news and info about the exhibition industry, a show search database, industry reports, career center, industry links. Location Dallas: (972) 458-8002; fax (972) 458-8119;

  • The Center for Exhibition Industry Research — nonprofit organization that represents the exhibition industry; provides marketing and research reports; statistics and hard data about the industry. In Chicago: (312) 808-2347; fax (312) 949-3472;

  • Trade Show Exhibitors Association — produces TS2, the Trade Show About Trade Shows, and provides effective RFPs and helpful exhibiting information. In Chicago: (312) 842-TSEA (8732); fax (312) 842-8744;;

  • — online resource for exhibition industry; database contains info on more than 15,000 trade shows and conferences, and through a strategic partnership, more than 30,000 seminars;;

  • E.J. Krause & Associates Inc. — long-established marketing and marketing research company for international business and trade shows; (301) 493-5500; fax (301) 493-5705;;

U.S. Representatives of International Shows

Shipping/Customs Freight Forwarders

  • Schenker International

  • TWI Global Exhibition Logistics — online downloadable international shipping guides to air freight, hand carry/ courier shipping, ocean freight, insurance, online shipping cost estimate form, etc.; (702) 691-9000; fax (702) 691-9045;

  • LogLink Logistics Links — Web links for everything from customs brokers to worldwide freight carriers to business contacts to routing software;

  • Panalpina Inc. — handles freight forwarding on six continents; Location: Miami, FL: (305) 499-9800; fax (305) 716-3636;;

  • ATA Carnet — for a list of ATA Carnet member countries and copies of ATA Carnet forms: (847) 381-1558; (800) ATA-2900; fax (847) 381-3857;;

  • World Customs Organization — all sorts of international customs and trade info, including customs Web sites, customs topics, breaking customs and trade news; 159 members worldwide; Location: Belgium: 32 2 209 92 11; fax: 32 2 209 92 92;


  • MPI's Convention Cancellation & Interruption Insurance Plan — call the firm of Seabury & Smith: (800) 503-9230; fax (847) 803-1653;;

  • Showstoppers Event Cancellation Insurance — ASAE-sponsored and offered through the Travelers; cancellation, terrorism coverage, labor disputes, non-appearance, loss of personal property; request quote online; (800)424-8830; (202) 862-5333;

  • TWI Global Exhibition Logistics — freight insurance: (702) 691-9000; fax (702) 691-9045;

  • ExpoplusCCI — Seabury & Smith; Contact: Paulette Norman; (800) 323-2106, ext. 34271;

  • Event Savers — Rust Insurance Agency Inc., Contact: Michelle Holmes or Laura Johnson; (800) 235-1889;

  • Trip Insurance USA — Web site compares every major travel insurance product. Can also research insurance carriers and make purchases.

Safety and Security

  • 21st Century Security Inc. — professional security services; Location: Brooklyn, NY; (800) 649-4827; (718) 891-7550; fax: (718) 891-8191;;

  • Event & Meeting Security Services — security services; travel alerts; articles; links and resources. (To download “Are You Ready? A Guide to Citizen Preparedness,” go to Location: Franklin, TN; (615) 377-3200; fax: (615) 373-3666;;

  • Global Hotspot Information — available free on the Web site of Sheldon Little, a UK-based firm specializing in security and crisis management. Country-by-country information includes details on severe weather, flash medical reports, transport-related strikes likely to cause delays, and demonstrations and security incidents of concern to travelers;

  • Air Security International, L.P. — offers a spectrum of security options, from on-site safety to secure travel; Location: Houston, TX; (713) 430-7300; fax: (713) 430-7018;;

  • The Overseas Citizen Services — 24-hour emergency hotline for overseas travelers to leave with people who may need to contact them in an emergency; (202) 647-5225

  • Links to Services and Information for American Citizens Abroad;
  • The U.S. Department of State Citizens' Emergency Center — issues travel warnings, health precautions, and other safety information for those traveling abroad. On the Web: a long list of publications on various aspects of foreign travel, from “A Safe Trip Abroad” to “Foreign Entry Requirements;”

  • U.S. Department of State Travel Warnings and Bureau of Consular Affairs Information Sheets — the latest headline warnings for every country of the world, including the location of the U.S. Embassy or Consulate, unusual currency and entry regulations, and crime and security facts. Plus: info on conversion to the euro, passports and visas, lists of attorneys, doctors, and hospitals abroad;

  • Federal Emergency Management Agency — Web site includes an extensive disaster preparedness list;

Medical Services/Information

  • International SOS Assistance Inc. — provides medical clinics worldwide, emergency assistance, insurance plans. A plan called Global Premier provides individual and group medical coverage, death and disability insurance, emergency evacuation, 24-hour access to multilingual operators, and monitoring of medical problems abroad by SOS specialists. Location: Philadelphia: Alarm Phone: (215) 245-4707, (215) 244 1500 or (800) 523-8930; fax (215) 244-2227;;

  • MEDEX Assistance Corp. — Medical assistance; insurance including evacuation, repatriation coverage, trip cancellation with direct payment to foreign providers; 24-hour professional multilingual assistance with medical, travel, and personal emergencies, including medical transportation. Services range from doctor referrals to the coordination of complex medical evacuation assistance anywhere, anytime. Location: Towson, MD; (800) 527-0218, (410) 453-6300; fax (410) 453-6301;;

  • International Association for Medical Assistance to Travelers — nonprofit organization that advises travelers about health risks, geographical distribution of diseases, and immunization requirements for all countries; makes available to travelers around the world competent medical care by Western-trained doctors who speak English; free membership; fees charged for services; publishes directory of 850 English-speaking doctors in 130 countries. (716) 754-4883;;

  • Worldwide Assistance Services Inc. — North American subsidiary of Europe Assistance Holding S.A., headquartered in Paris; provides medical assistance around the globe; corporate memberships or event-specific coverage available. U.S. Location: Washington, DC; (800) 777-8710; fax (202) 331-1530;

  • InHouse Physicians — offers on-site medical care, support and risk management consulting for meetings and events worldwide. Location: Naperville, IL; (800) 356-3627; fax (630) 369-7657;

  • GlobalCare and Global Emergency Medical Services Inc. — offers the MedPass program. On the Web: overview of medical services and support, including a help desk staffed by registered nurses 24 hours a day, who can provide telephone assistance in medical situations and make referrals to English-speaking providers or arrange medical evacuations; includes online enrollment form. Location: Alpharetta, GA; (800) 860-1111; fax (678) 341-1800;;

  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's International Travelers Health Site — health information on specific countries worldwide, including vaccinations, health risks, infectious diseases, health requirements, emergency preparedness, safe food and water instructions. Information for special-needs travelers. The CDC no longer responds to individual travel questions.

VAT/Tax Reclaim

Currency Information and Services

  • The Universal Currency Converter — interactive chart that converts U.S. dollars into a selected currency, and vice versa;

  • Foreign Exchange Currency Converter — view currency exchange rates for any of 164 currencies for any date; interbank rates, currency codes, currency trading game;

  • Ruesch International — international payment solutions for cross-border transactions worldwide.

  • Travelex Financial Services — comprehensive range of corporate and commercial payment services for companies doing business internationally;

  • CNN's Financial Network Currencies Market — charts of currency values compared to the U.S. dollar, showing the latest trade dates;

  • Visa Expo — click on the ATM Locator on Visa's Expo site to pinpoint the exact location of ATM and bank machines in cities and airports around the world. Site includes safety tips for using ATMs and credit cards worldwide.


  • Travel Impact Newswire — Asia-Pacific's first e-mail travel industry news feature and analysis service. Excellent reportage about worldwide events and trends. To subscribe, e-mail

  • ETN Global Travel Trade News — good global travel and meeting news e-newsletter with links to its Web site. Frequent updates; numerous currency values compared to the U.S. dollar, showing the latest trade dates. To subscribe:

  • EUROMIC — monthly e-newsletter for meeting and incentive professionals from EUROMIC, a DMC partnership in Europe and the Mediterranean. To subscribe:

  • PATA Newsletter — The Pacific Asia Travel Association's e-newsletter with current info on properties, travel, meetings, and trends in world travel to Pacific-Asia locales. To subscribe:

Publications on Cultural Protocol

  • Do's and Taboos Around the World — by Roger E. Axtell, John Wiley & Sons Inc., 1993

  • Do's And Taboos Around the World for Women in Business — by Roger E. Axtell, Tami Briggs, Margaret Corcoran, Mary Beth Lamb, John Wiley & Sons Inc., 1997

  • Do's and Taboos of Hosting International Visitors — by Roger E. Axtell, John Wiley & Sons Inc., 1990

  • Do's and Taboos of Preparing for Your Trip Abroad — by Roger E. Axtell, John P. Healy, John Wiley & Sons Inc., 1994

  • Do's and Taboos of Using English Around the World — by Roger E. Axtell, John Wiley & Sons Inc., 1995

  • Dun & Bradstreet's Guide to Doing Business Around the World — by Terri Morrison, et al., Prentice Hall Press, 2000

  • Gestures: Do's and Taboos of Body Language Around the World — by Roger E. Axtell, John Wiley & Sons Inc., 1997

  • Russian Etiquette & Ethics in Business — by Drew Wilson, Lloyd Donaldson, McGraw-Hill, 1996

  • Chinese Business Etiquette: A Guide to Protocol, Manners, and Culture in the People's Republic of China — by Scott D. Seligman, Edward J. Trenn; Warner Books; 1999

  • Japanese Etiquette & Ethics in Business — 6th ed., by Boye Lafayette De Mente, McGraw-Hill, 1994

  • The Global Road Warrior — by Jeffrey Curry, Sibylla Putzi, World Trade Press, 3rd ed., 2001

  • The Global Etiquette Guide to Asia — by Dean Foster, John Wiley & Sons, 1st ed., 2000

  • The Global Etiquette Guide to Europe: Everything You Need to Know for Business and Travel Success — by Dean Foster, John Wiley & Sons, 2000

  • Going to Japan on Business : Protocol, Strategies, and Language for the Corporate Traveler — by Christalyn Brannen, Stone Bridge Press; 3rd ed., 2002

  • International Business Etiquette Europe: What You Need to Know to Conduct Business Abroad With Charm and Savvy — by Ann Marie Sabath, Career Press, 1999

  • International Business Etiquette Latin America: What You Need to Know to Conduct Business Abroad With Charm and Savvy — by Ann Marie Sabath Career Press, 2000

  • Korean Etiquette & Ethics in Business — 2nd ed., by Boye Lafayette De Mente, McGraw-Hill, 1994

  • Kiss, Bow or Shake Hands: How to Do Business in 60, by Terri Morrison et al., Adams Media, 1995

  • Multicultural Manners: New Rules of Etiquette for a Changing Society — by Norine Dresser, John Wiley & Sons Inc., 1996

  • Professional Meeting Management: A European Handbook — 35 authors, available through Meeting Professionals International:

  • Put Your Best Foot Forward: Asia — Mary Murray Bosrock, International Education Systems, 1997

  • Put Your Best Foot Forward: South America — by Mary Murray Bosrock, International Education Systems, 1997

  • Put Your Best Foot Forward: Europe — by Mary Murray Bosrock, International Education Systems, 1995

  • Put Your Best Foot Forward: Mexico/Canada — by Mary Murray Bosrock, International Education Systems, 1995

  • Put Your Best Foot Forward: Russia — by Mary Murray Bosrock, International Education Systems, 1995

  • Riding The Waves of Culture: Understanding Diversity in Global Business — by Fons Trompenaars and Charles Hampden-Turner, McGraw-Hill Trade, 1997

  • Speaking Globally: Effective Presentations Across International and Cultural Boundaries — by Elizabeth Urech, National Book Network, 2nd ed., 2002

  • The Intercultural Press — offers many cross-cultural communication guides. For more information: (207) 846-5168, (866) 372-2665; fax (207) 846-5181;