ASSOCIATIONS EMBRACE E-Education Training and education for members remains a top priority for many associations, but their delivery methods are changing, according to a recent survey. While 100 percent of respondents remain faithful to traditional methods for providing such services, such as annual conventions and in-person meetings, associations have definitely jumped on the e-connections bandwagon:

Right Now: * 54 percent of associations use e-mail to conduct member education and training

* 33 percent use teleconferencing and interactive TV broadcasts

Next Year: * 43 percent of respondents aim to offer members Web-based instruction for the first time

* 21 percent will develop CD-ROM and computer-based training

*17 percent plan to conduct teleconferences and satellite broadcasts

Source: Survey conducted by the National Video Communications Network, in Louisville, Ky. Twenty-four associations with budgets of $5 million or more completed the survey.