Exhibition and conference organizers headed to Amsterdam are now able to link up with Amsterdam RAI Convention Centre for help making their events at the convention center carbon-neutral.

The first step, determining the actual energy consumption of an event, is done with an online Event Carbon Calculator developed by Amsterdam RAI in partnership with Greenbalance Group, a specialist in helping companies reduce their energy use and offset their carbon footprints.

The Carbon Calculator takes into account energy use during the event as well as the international transport and overnight stays of the attendees. Once the carbon footprint is known, an organizer can purchase carbon credits to offset the energy used. Carbon credits originate from renewable energy projects, mostly in developing countries.

The first organizers making their conference carbon-neutral are the Foundation Aids Fonds/STI AIDS Netherlands and STOP AIDS NOW!, who will host the National Congress Soa*Hiv*Seks in Amsterdam RAI in December.

Meanwhile, September 29 marks the official opening of RAI Elicium, a sustainable new building with meeting and exhibit space that will connect the separate parts of the RAI Convention Centre. The central area of the Elicium is now Holland’s largest ballroom, accommodating 1,200 guests for a banquet or 2,500 theater-style.

Find more, including Amsterdam RAI Convention Centre’s first sustainability report and its five-year plan with regard to corporate social responsibility at www.rai.nl.

For ideas on reducing energy consumption, visit the Green Balance Group Web site.