Golfers often talk about beating their handicaps, but for Dennis Walters that has a whole different meaning. Some 28 years ago, Walters was ready to realize his dream of playing on the PGA Tour when a golf cart accident left him paralyzed from the waist down.

After months of rehabilitation, he started hitting golf balls from a wheelchair, and soon attached a swivel seat to the side of his golf cart. He progressed to hitting trick shots and in 1977, the Dennis Walters Golf Show was born. Two thousand shows later, he continues to wow audiences with his ability to hit shots with an unusual assortment of clubs.

The show goes beyond golf, says Walters. “People get a lot out of my show even if they've never played golf,” says Walters. “I'm using my own example to encourage others to reach for their dream,” adds Walters, who does about 100 shows a year.

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