The Greater Hartford (Conn.) Convention and Visitors Bureau’s “Bring It Home” program is paying off as local residents and organizations have helped the city win five association meetings over the next two years.

On September 28, the bureau honored local association leaders, who reached out to their respective organizations to pitch the city as a future meeting destination. Among those honored for were Vicki Shotland for the Northeast Passenger Transportation Association (coming in 2009); Rev. Henry Mansell, Archbishop of Hartford, for the National Council of Catholic Women (coming in 2010); Kevin Jones and Ebert Landman Jr. for the Association of Anglican Musicians (coming in 2010); and June Wiehn for the North American Council on Adoptable Children (coming in 2010).

“We place tremendous value on the initiative and support of area business and organizational leaders who contact their colleagues and association members within their industries, societies, and professions to promote Hartford as a future meeting destination,” stated Scott Phelps, president, GHCVB in a press release. After the initial contact is made, the CVB sales staff follows up directly with marketing materials and formal proposals. Once the meeting is booked, the bureau’s convention services department coordinates hotel room blocks, meeting facilities, transportation, and leisure options.

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