Terrorism coverage is hard to come by in cancellation insurance these days. In fact, it's so rare that only one major association event cancellation insurance policy includes terrorism coverage — and it's a recent addition to the program.

Showstoppers Event Cancellation Insurance Program, sponsored by the American Association of Society Executives and provided through the Gulf Insurance Group and Aon Association Services, “protects associations from financial liability related to cancelled or interrupted meetings, conferences, conventions, or exhibitions,” said Dixie Arthur, executive vice president and COO of ASAE Services Inc., the for-profit subsidiary of the American Society of Association Executives.

The terrorism coverage protects associations from losses when terrorism (including bioterrorism), threats, fear of travel, or employer travel bans cause the cancellation, interruption, or postponement of an event. It includes all-risk coverage for revenue losses, and covers up to $150,000 for personal property lost on the way to or at the meeting venue.

Contact Aon's Eileen Hoffman, an event cancellation insurance specialist, at (202) 862-5333. Information about all three ASAE/Aon insurance programs is also available online at www.asae-aon.com.