As a meeting professional, you know that:

• Someone will unexpectedly declare that they’re vegan, gluten-free, and kosher—and mess up your whole meal plan.

• Some speakers will forget to bring their handouts, and require Keynote when you have already rented PCs. And of course there’s always will be the speaker who will refuse to be videotaped.

• A hard fight with the marketing people to meet unrealistic deadlines is as certain as death and taxes.

• Someone will call at the last minute wanting the early-bird registration rate, and it will be your job to fix all of this with a smile.

Just as we know these all-too-familiar universal truths about food, speakers, budgets, and deadlines will happen, we also know that these too shall pass. All these scenarios will be resolved. Meetings happen. Things change. The one thing remains the same? Your love of this industry. 

Being a meeting planner requires a balance of what I call head data and heart intuition. It is in recognition of this fact that I have decided to make a change in the tone of my contributions to the MeetingsNet IdeaXchange in 2016. I will be talking about spirituality and meetings. Huh? What? 

Time for a New Conversation

By “spirituality,” I do not mean religion. Instead, I approach spirituality as a broad concept with room for many perspectives—a sense of connection to the whole of life. We will talk about how meetings are a universal human experience—something that touches us all. How can we get conscious about co-creating more mindful, meaningful, and powerful soul-connecting meetings?

I believe the time has come to have a new conversation in the meetings business. Meetings are a key contributor to conversations and social change, and we are living in an era when social change is rampant. The illusion of a division between church and state is that—an illusion. Equal rights, marriage equality, globalism, and technology are all working to evolve the consciousness of the planet. Younger employees require bringing their heart and spirit to the work they do—and the meetings they attend.

My work as a meeting professional, association executive, and licensed religious science practitioner trained in using spiritual tools and traditions to help people meet challenges and grow understanding positions me to be a clearinghouse for this new conversation. Going forward I’ll bring my expertise, experience, and thoughts on mindfulness in meetings, surrender, freedom, forgiveness, gratitude, and other practices that will honor the soul of strategic meetings for you, the meeting co-creator, and participants.

If conscious capitalism is a thing—and conscious companies are making billions—now is the time to build conscious meetings. Let’s build more love for our industry and use spiritual law to create more ease, flow, joy, and fun in the work we do.

Now is the time. We are the people. Please join me in this transformational conversation.

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