Corbin Ball, CSP, CMP, MS

Ball, CSP, CMP, MS

Principal, Corbin Ball Associates

Corbin Ball, CSP, CMP, MS, is an international speaker, consultant, and writer helping clients worldwide use technology to save time and improve productivity. With 20 years of experience running international technology meetings, he now is a highly acclaimed speaker with the ability to make complex subjects understandable and fun. His articles have appeared in hundreds of national and international publications, and he has been quoted in U.S. News & World Report, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, USA Today, Fast Company, PC Magazine, and others. Corbin serves or has served on numerous hotel, corporate, convention bureau, and association boards. He is the only person to have received both the MPI International Supplier of the Year and the MPI International Chapter Leader of the Year awards. He has spoken to groups in 32 countries, on 5 continents.

25 Years of Meeting-Technology INNOVATION 
IS THERE AN INDUSTRY that has not changed drastically in the last decade and a half as a result of computers, e-mail, and the Internet? If so, it's certainly
Have Your RFID Tag Yet? 
Keep an eye on the nascent radio frequency identification industry. It will have a significant effect on society in general and on the meeting industry
Networking Tools 
Nearly all meetings have a common denominator: networking. But as meetings get larger, this becomes more difficult. Finding people with like interests
Tracking Spending, Saving Money 
Poorly purchased and tracked meetings can cost organizations plenty of money. At last, there are a number of Web-based tools for tracking, monitoring,
Avoiding Death by PowerPoint 
We've all been there sitting through computer presentations with endless screens of boring text. Of course, it is not the program that's the problem.
The Name Badge of the Future Is Here 
Humans are social animals. We love to mingle at meetings and trade shows, to network and share ideas. But the tools used to facilitate that networking
The Evolution of Meeting Web Sites 
During the past seven years, new ideas, tools, and radically different business processes have bubbled up from hundreds of meeting-focused dot-coms, selling
Save Money & Time: Consolidate 
Poorly purchased and tracked meetings can cost companies millions of dollars. At last, there are a number of Web-based tools for tracking, monitoring,
The Next Big Thing 
Agreat paradigm shift is coming, the result of emerging mobile and wireless technology. With high-speed wireless access, we'll carry the power of a room
Get the Answers You Need Now! 
There's nothing like polling to get immediate feedback and encourage participation. Audience polling systems use wireless, radio-frequency, handheld keypads
What Does Your Audience Want? 
Feedback is essential in determining what the audience wants. Among other things, it helps to measure comprehension and encourages participation. But
The Future of Videoconferencing 
Think of the classic scene from Star Wars in which the robot R2-D2 projects the shimmering holographic image of Princess Leia onto the floor of Luke Skywalker's
Registration Options 
The latest meeting registration products represent a quantum leap from the days of the basic online registration form. These new products allow you to
Behold, Look at the Future 
Just about the time you get used to your trusty notebook computer, new devices are making their way into the meeting planning arena. They come in a wide
Now It's Here, Now It's Gone 
Unplugged. Defunct. Plain dead. From to CDWorld to eToys, more than 600 major Internet companies have met their demise in the past 18 months.

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