Jim Spellos, CMP

Spellos, CMP
Tool Time: Get Ready for the Web Browser of the Future 
We spend more time using our browser than using any other software, yet for many, Web browsers are an “open whatever you have on your desktop” experience. But that’s changing. Get ready for the browser of the future.
Tool Time: Travel Sites, Travel Apps, Travel Ease 
On the road again. Summertime is travel time for so many of us, which makes it a great time to share some Web tools and phone apps designed to help us travel more efficiently, whether for planning meetings, attending meetings, or for pleasure trips.
Fighting the Good Fight Against Spam and Malware 
It doesn’t matter what your favorite communication tool is—e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, or something else—odds are that someone has found a way use it to try to compromise your security.
Tool Time: Here Comes Visual Search, and More 
Hard to believe that 2010 is in full swing. (Wasn't it just the holidays?) Lots on the plate for this column: cool search ideas, a few industry tech tidbits (would those be techbits?), and a bit of social media, too
Tool Time 2010 
2010? That can’t be right. It sounds so … so … futuristic. Mind you, 2009 had that same ring to it in about 1997, but 2010 just seems like an Arthur Clarke book title. (Actually, it is, but that’s another department.) Let’s take a look toward the 2010 horizon at the technologies that will affect the way meeting professionals manage and plan, and the way attendees interact with the world.
New Productivity Tools For Meeting Planners 
Even with all the changes seen recently in mobile and social-networking technologies, 2010 may yet be a redefining year for how we communicate with one another. Game-changing hardware, operating systems, and ideas are on the horizon. Here are six to keep an eye on in the coming year
Cool Tools: From Projectors to Psych Profiles 
I've spent the past few months looking at some cool products now on the market and some still out on the horizon that you may want to check out. Pocket
Jim Spellos Cool Tools: Fun for Fall 
As summer heats up, there are plenty of cool tech tools around to help you be more productive. So let’s get right to it: I know you’re doing more with less these days
Cool Tips: This Just In 
It seems a day doesn't pass without hearing about another newspaper or periodical having financial troubles or going under. Clearly, it's not that there's
Managing Information Overload 
It seems a day doesn’t pass without hearing about another newspaper or periodical having financial troubles or going under. Clearly, it’s not that there’s a shortage of news. So let’s take a look some cool resources for managing the flood of online news

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