Lawrence Sherman, FACME, CCMEP


Senior Vice President, Educational Strategy, Prova Education (an affiliate of Omnia Education)

Lawrence Sherman, FACME, CCMEP, is a frequent lecturer on topics related to the strategic development, dissemination, and evaluation of CME activities. 

What Makes a Good CME Educator? 
CME providers need to look at how they select, train, use, and evaluate faculty to ensure what they’re providing is in fact education.
What’s Missing in CME? Patients 
While we in CME do our best to develop case-based education and use virtual patients in activities, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There is a role for patients in the entire continuum of CME.
Defining Discipline for CME 
If we want to provide inter-, multi-, and transdisciplinary education, we need to first understand what these terms mean.
A Call for Collaboration Among CME Providers 
It’s time for continuing medical education providers to stop competing and start collaborating.
Evaluating Live Versus Online CME 
Why do we use different measures to evaluate the success of live and online CME activities?
For Love of the Game 
Baseball has a Hall of Fame—why shouldn’t CME providers have one, too
CME: The Next Generation 
How well are we integrating today’s technologies with proven CME methodologies
CME Providers: Learn from Experience 
Reflections on what and how Lawrence Sherman learned at the recent Alliance for Continuing Medical Education Annual Meeting
Is CME Better Off Now? 
The continuing medical education community has gone through a lot of changes lately. The question is: Have they made for a stronger CME enterprise?
Growing Pains 
The world of CME is changing and, painful though it may be, CME professionals have to change along with it.
Does the New ACCME Criteria Make for Better Educators? 
While ensuring compliance with the new ACCME criteria, we continue to develop into better educators. What do you think about the new criteria?
Attendance and Energy was down at the Alliance for Continuing Medical Education Annual Conference This Year 
From the moment that I arrived, I noticed the absence of something that has always been present at the Alliance for CME annual meeting: a buzz. Does CME need CPR?
Why continuing medical education is not a commodity 
We need to move away from producing one-size-fits-all CME, and develop high-quality activities that employ new formats to improve patient care.
A flight attendant’s comment spurs me to examine the deeper meaning of continuing medical education 
Sometimes it takes someone outside a particular environment to truly analyze it. This is what happened to me on a recent plane flight after I described
Earning My Certified Continuing Medical Education Professional Credential 
From baristas to CME Pros, why certification is important

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