Mitchell Beer, CMM

Beer, CMM

President, Smarter Shift

Mitchell Beer is president of Smarter Shiftin Ottawa, Canada, and a certified speaker with The Climate Reality Project.

Commentary: TED’s Monopoly on Cool 
It’s time to rethink the extent of TED’s influence on the way we view, package, prioritize, and interact with content.
Commentary: The $16 Muffin—An Argument That Meetings Can’t Win 
Last week's mini-storm over an auditor's report charging the U.S. Department of Justice with overspending at conferences during 2008 and 2009—including repeated references to a $16 muffin—showed how vulnerable our industry is to another backlash over costs.
Commentary: The Saga of Bonehead—Twitter Goes Local 
The saga of Bonehead the Cat may carry some useful lessons for the way meetings generate interest and contacts in host communities.
Commentary: It’s Harder to Hack a Face-to-Face Conversation 
If the cornerstone of Internet security can be brought down by a computer hacker with some solid skills and a grudge as big as the sky, face-to-face meetings just got a whole lot more important. There was nothing blazingly new in this week’s news ...
Commentary: Will the Buzz Kill Gamification? 
One of the freshest, most exciting concepts to hit the meetings industry in years is in danger of being trivialized and oversimplified to death.
Commentary: Curing the Hiccups at a Hybrid Meeting 
When major hiccups emerged at the end of EventCamp Twin Cities 2011 (ECTC11) last week, organizers turned an almost comically bad moment into a learning opportunity.
Commentary: The Lessons of ROI Measurement 
If you had a management tool that was too simplistic to deliver the data you needed, yet so complex and time-consuming that it was difficult to use, you might think twice about that tool.
Commentary: The Economy Is in Trouble. Is the Meetings Industry Ready this Time? 
Since the last crash, I’ve looked for any sign that the meetings industry has learned the lessons of 2008 and acquired the resilience to anticipate and withstand the next one.
Commentary: Co-Creation Has its Limits 
A co-creation session during Meeting Professionals International’s World Education Congress last month generated some useful feedback on the association’s research agenda, but pointed to the perils of relying too heavily on any community or customer group to come up with all its own answers.
Commentary: The Social Media Bubble—Is Your Meeting at Risk? 
Are there risks for your meeting from the social media platforms that are rapidly becoming a cornerstone of our industry?
Meetings Gamification Goes Beyond Fun and Games 
I found myself in the middle of a small whirlwind earlier this month when the Green Meeting Industry Council released its case study on meetings gamification.
Commentary: Hockey Tale Reminds Meeting Pros to Keep Their Sticks on the Ice 
Think of your meeting attendees as Winnipeg hockey fans and the meetings industry as the NHL...
Commentary: The Smoke and Mirrors Behind Social Media 
It began as a nagging suspicion. Once the idea started to form, it got harder to ignore. And once I began paying attention to it, I knew I would soon
Commentary: ECTC Is Breaking New Ground on Hybrid Meetings (Again) 
Event Camp Twin Cities, the conference that set out to “rewrite the rules for a hybrid event,” is preparing to break new ground for the second year in a row.
Phantom Recovery Delivers More Work, Fewer Jobs 
There’s a growing disconnect between the optimism about a resurgent meetings economy and the reality on the ground for many planners and suppliers.

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