Stephen M. Lewis, MA, CCMEP

Stephen M.
Lewis, MA, CCMEP

President, Global Education Group

Physician Education Is Not Comparable to Legal Education 
Why do we keep arguing that physician’s continuing education be treated the same as lawyers’?
Physicians Need to Take Leadership Role in CME 
Before we diagnose what's wrong with CME and prescribe solutions, we should give physicians a leadership role.
Should All Types of Continuing Medical Education Providers Be Accredited? 
The continuing medical education community should focus on the quality of education, rather than on the provider type.
Continuing Medical Education Professionals Must Embrace Transparency 
The continuing medical education community fears transparency, but it is the one thing that will prove our worth and free us from unwarranted scrutiny.
Continuing Medical Education Professionals Must Collaborate 
Regarding the future of continuing medical education, two things are for sure: Its future is built on partnerships, and we are all under the same roof
The government's view on continuing medical education 
Rebuilding continuing medical education's tarnished reputation with the government may be simpler than we think
CME Needs a Marketing Plan 
There's a big difference between certified CME and promotion. The problem is -- legislators and other stakeholders don't understand the distinction.
Wanted: CME Leadership 
Let's face facts. The CME enterprise is in a funk about commercial funding and the potential for biased content. We're running scared, and it shows in
Money Doesn't Kill CME. People Do. 
The CME enterprise has had a few rough years. Some physicians requested or accepted too much honoraria for too little work. Some educational presenters
Leave the Blame Game Behind 
Stakeholders in the CME enterprise could learn a lot from John F. Kennedy. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past, Kennedy once said. Let us accept

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