Creativity in a can of coffee beans

How does your sense of creativity work? Do you think more from your right brain, your left brain, or do you just think the whole idea is a no-brainer? Take this little test to find out.

Somewhere in the can of coffee beans, there's a man's head. Ready, set, go look for it!

How long did it take you to find it? If you found the cafeinated dude in three seconds or less, you're a right-brainer; in a minute or less, you're pretty much normal; more than a minute, and your left brain is dominant. Interesting, eh? (For more on the whole right-left brain thing, click here).

Since I spotted him right off, I must be pretty right-brained, but I'm guessing a lot of planners are still looking for him... (hint: look in the bottom, left of center).

Link to source, and thanks to Grass Shack Events & Media for the pointer!

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